Post Date: 23 Dec 2022


MITEC has also evolved to meet the demands of a greener, more environmentally conscious customer base with its #myWorld program, obtaining the Green Building Index certification from the GBI Accreditation Panel in 2020. The venue has been evaluated across a range of eleven winning practices, including the use of recycled material during construction, the installation of 70% UV-repellent glass, and a timed garden watering system, among others. The centre preserves water through a rainwater harvesting system. The system will use rainwater collected on the rooftop for irrigation purposes, resulting in a reduction in potable water consumption.

In March 2022, MITEC started the Herb Garden linked to our Garden Court Café. This initiative was propelled to give back to the community through various sustainable efforts. The herbs grown in the herb garden will contribute freshness and flavour to the delectable cuisine prepared by the Garden Court Café and catering for different events held at MITEC that allow the chefs to be flexible and more creative in serving myriad dishes. Among the herbs planted were turmeric leaf, pandan, chilies, ginger, torch ginger, red spinach, aloe vera, mint, and kaffir lime.

Meanwhile, a tree planting program commenced in the MITEC gardens during major events to encourage the delegates, staff, and community of KL Metropolis to walk/jog the tracks surrounding the MITEC building including the use of the amphitheaters for daily exercise.