QUBE INTEGRATED SDN BHD as the managing body of MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE & EXHIBITION CENTRE (MITEC) is committed to ensuring the safety, health and welfare of all persons (including employees, contractors, organiser, and members of the public) at its.

To achieve this objective, we have in place, and will continuously improve, a comprehensive safety and health compliance system. This system seeks to ensure the safety, health and welfare of all persons by facilitating;

  • Compliance with all applicable legislations and regulations
  • Compliance with all codes of practice
  • Adoption of a “best practice” approach to safety and health
  • Integration of safety and health aspects of the company’s planning and operations

In implementing this policy and this system, we will;

  • Identify potential workplace hazards and as far as practicable control its risk
  • Develop safe work procedures and programs
  • Provide appropriate induction, training and supervision
  • Develop and implement appropriate emergency plans
  • Establish workplace safety and health committees
  • Adopt a consultative approach with employees, contractors and other affected groups concerning safety and health issues
  • Disseminate safety and health information
  • Document and apply consistently appropriate disciplinary procedures
  • Audit compliance with safe work procedures and programs
  • Provide adequate resources in order to implement this policy and this system

Employees of MITEC, contractors and employees of contractors will be held accountable for safety and health performance within their own areas of responsibility.

We are committed to the ongoing implementation of this policy and the system and will monitor and review its effectiveness regularly.

Chief Executive Officer
May 2024