Post Date: 28 December 2023


This year, we had the opportunity to exercise our Partnership for the Goals to support SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being. Being in the position to create awareness on a personal level to the centre’s visitors, we were able to advocate for the benefits of meat-free food and significance of early detection of breast cancer.

Serving Up Good Health for The Planet & The Body

We partnered with the organiser of Asia Smart Farming & Food Security 2023 (ASF 23) to curate a fully-vegetarian menu for the conference, covering everything from coffee breaks to luncheons and special hosting sessions. The decision to go fully-vegetarian for the conference aligned with ASF 23’s objective to foster innovation, collaboration, and sustainable progress in agriculture, and MITEC’s drive to shape a brighter and more sustainable future for the business events landscape. This partnership exemplifies how the adoption of a meatless menu can have a positive impact on large-scale events without compromising on the delegates’ experience.

Spreading Knowledge and Hope in Breast Cancer Awareness

We concluded our Pinktober outreach with BCWA offering free clinical breast examinations to visitors. BCWA led the outreach programme, utilising their MURNI Truck which was parked at MITEC’s Oval Garden for their final event of the month. A total of 26 clinical breast examinations were conducted, with a notable 10 men among those taught how to perform self-breast examinations. This underscores the crucial message of raising awareness about the impact of breast cancer on men as well.