Post Date: 23 Dec 2022


The in-house culinary team of MITEC has been serving thousands with an extravagant and innovative array of cuisine at conferences and banquets that range from 100 pax to 6500 pax.

Catering to various cuisines and sensory guest experiences, the highly experienced culinary team offers menus that include a selection of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, and innovative fusion dishes with a modern international gastronomic touch.

Executive Chef of MITEC, Chef Chiew Chee Mun said, “We are super proud of the MITEC culinary team who worked tirelessly to curate the menus and provide a mind-blowing experience for our guests. The team constantly strives for culinary and service excellence. We constantly research and develop innovative dishes, with various feedback received from the team to ensure we can capture an authentic food experience while delivering a unique world-class experience.

MITEC has its ‘Mind, Body and Soul Food’ philosophy consisting of food that aims to keep the mind sharp, your body strong, and your soul nourished. This means locally sourced produce, superfoods, fruit, vegetable, and foods high in protein and low in saturated fats. Displayed in our innovative conference packages and menus are a gastronomical experience that tantalises the tastebuds and a visionary sensory experience. We further fortified our commitment by starting a garden-to-table concept by planting herbs in the MITEC Herb Garden.

MITEC supports the local NGO, Food Aid Foundation, and local communities by extending help to the underprivileged and those affected by natural disasters. We also believe in the sustainability of local suppliers by partnering with them. We can strengthen the social, environmental, and economic performance of the supply chain and reduce our collective footprints.