Post Date: 23 Dec 2022


MITEC is a strong advocate of education. In support of our #myWorld vision and the United Nations Development Sustainable Goals of Quality Education and Partnerships to achieve the Goal, we are happy to share that we are a learning hub and have trained thousands of students from higher learning institutions around the country by providing a platform through the ‘MITEC Education Series’ for the MITEC Graduate Program, Work Skills Program, and Executive Leadership Development Program.

The Graduate Program enables students to take up internships with MITEC and provides a platform for students to expose themselves to mega events, banquets, conferences, sales, and marketing.

We collaborate with many institutions of higher learning to train students and provide job opportunities in the areas of food and beverages and stewarding. This year, MITEC collaborated with Taylor’s University and Sunway University for The Michelin Guide event and provided training to culinary and hospitality students while giving them exposure and experience during the event.

MITEC was honored to host the Asia School Business (ASB) and Maybank senior leadership teams from Malaysia, Dubai, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore in a collaborative session where organisations create value through mutual learning and interaction as part of its Executive Leadership Program. This is the second collaboration with ASB for 2022.

The senior management team of MITEC shared their knowledge in Customer Experience, Enterprise, Digital Transformation, and Inclusive Leadership in a two-hour interactive session with a hundred of Maybank’s senior team members.

MITEC fully supports the collaborative effort for the Graduate Program, Executive Leadership, and Work Skills programs as we transform MITEC into a learning hub as part of our business aspirations.