Post Date: 26 Dec 2019


Every event venue has its distinctive flavours for the culinary arts but with MITEC, it is presented with versatility. Recently, the Centre pulled of an amazing feat by hosting Kuala Lumpur’s largest Chinese banquet, serving dinner to 6,600 delegates at one go. Not only every morsel was enjoyed by international delegates but MITEC ensured that dishing out in large volumes were logistically possible. From converting halls to fruit orchards and satellite kitchens, the Venue also broke taboos by serving 6.5 tonnes of durians in the vicinity itself.

For 2020, MITEC has hit the ground running for the Venue’s festive offerings to better prepare our clients and guests.

Themed Splendour of China, the culinary team is geared up to showcase authentic Chinese food focusing on Shanghainese, Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisine for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. For those wanting to have a grand reunion dinner, they can choose from MITEC’s auspicious set menu featuring authentic and delectable festive dishes with an option of Wealthy Treasures, Golden Fortune or Stellar Prosperity Yee Sang.

For the holy month of Ramadan, the Venue is carrying the momentum from its first M.I.T.E.C 2.0 sequel. Going cross cultural, the Ramadan feast will feature a kaleidoscope of authentic dishes of: M – Malay cuisine; I – Indian cuisine; T – Thai cuisine; E – Egyptian cuisine; C – Chinese cuisine.

Our Raya package with the theme of Aidilfitri Indulgence highlights a celebration of the joyous occasion with delightful spread, serving up must-haves Raya specialities of every state from North to South of the peninsula.