MITEC’s Halal Committees proudly showing the halal certificates, the high-five way!

Kuala Lumpur, 26 February 2019

The Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre’s (MITEC) kitchens have been certified halal by The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim).

All kitchens – main kitchen (consists of Chinese, Malay, Western kitchens), Butchery – Meat, Butchery – Seafood, Commissary Kitchen, Fruit & Vegetable Kitchen, Garde Manger Kitchen and Pastry & Bakery Kitchen received their individual halal certificates from Jakim.

The halal certification confirms that MITEC has been audited by the Department and assures that food prepared by the Venue’s kitchens complied with stringent Islamic requirements and adheres to quality hygienic and sanitary conditions.

Jakim awarded the certification after an on-site inspection,detailed assessment and evaluation and recommendation on halal compliance which took approximately four months.

Chief Executive Officer, Gunther Beissel said as a world-class venue, MITEC has always been cognisant of the importance of ensuring the concept of halal is not only applicable for preparation of food, but also the process of managing the storage, handling of raw materials and procurement.

“We have set up a Halal Committee to oversee and maintain our halal standard and very proud to receive halal certification for all our kitchens in just over a year in operation. The certification would also boost the confidence of our clients and guests,” he said.

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